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The choice of faith is a very personal one, and we believe that the Christian living is an empowering way of life, giving us the opportunity to live life to the fullest. We at ‘Thy Way,’ stand by the believers and strive to empower the people who choose this way to stand firm in the adversities that may be from internal doubts or external persecution or belittlement.

Our organization aims at bringing back the neutral stand of the society at socio moral and cultural values, getting rid of any influences that have been offsetting the norm to being sensually driven. A growing number of people see concepts like ‘God,’ ‘purity,’ ‘Christian living’ merely as superstitions of a delusional mind based on some ancient texts. Consequently current day world has been attuned to think completely in a pleasure driven mentality, quite often disregarding any need to hold moral or ethical values. Times have even worsened to the state where a person holding moral ethical value is discriminated against and immorality celebrated and encouraged.

Right from peoples’ homes, through the television programs and news papers at home, to the time they step outside into the streets – the hoardings, bill boards, magazines on display, the social media – everywhere the sensual lure is evident. This quite often percolates into the human social set ups and what is horrifying is that even the familial relationships reflect this sensually driven mentality where everything is done for pleasure rather than a fulfilling purpose.

We at the Thyway foundation aim at restoring the moral and cultural neutrality, bringing about a free living culture devoid of any sensual or hedonistic tendencies. We believe that every individual has the right to have a ‘free mind,’ without being sexually influenced in their decisions for commodity purchase or service enrollment.  When the social norm of morality and ethics are altered, and when the hedonistic sensual lure is used for achieving anything – be it sales, profit, collection, audience or anything amounting to assets, it technically amounts to exploitation – in a similar way terrorists recruit the poor with the lure of finance to use them for the destruction of humanity.

We create events for the youth to come together and have constructive discussions and meetings, as an alternative lifestyle from being pleasure driven which has led people to grave situations like substance abuse in the past. Every initiative is made effective through education and hence we conduct seminars and connect programs to empower the people to propagate the thought that holding a high moral, ethical, Christian value is not something to be ashamed of and in fact is better, leading them to a fulfilling life.

At ‘Thyway,’ we intend to empower and strengthen those who take that choice of Jesus to co habitat in the world with people of different choices to lead exemplary, model lives. We see ourselves as a platform where people can come together, strengthen and empower each other as a family and hold discussions on their struggles in living a Christian life thereby helping all of us to live a victorious life in Jesus.

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